This is a website about Graham Bishop.

Most likely, you're here because you're my mom. (Hey, mom. 👋)

Whether you birthed me or not, I made this site because I felt weird about something I recently wrote on my LinkedIn profile:

"Graham Bishop: creative, technical, gets shit done."

What does that even mean? Is this the beginning of my elevator pitch? Am I a mega-douche?


After days spent feeling like the emoji above, I realized I needed a place where I could go beyond vapid elevator pitches and sham LinkedIn endorsements. So...

I created this site to explain who I am and what I believe in by showing you the creative and technical work I've done.

Creative Work

I adore music

I write, record, and produce music. My current project is called Graham Price Gift Shop. I just finished an album and you can listen to it pretty much everywhere: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon... you get the gist.

I used to make music in the señors of marseille and HolidayHoliday.

When I'm not making it, I'm usually out listening to it, dancing to it in my room, or writing about it on my blog.

Graham Price Gift Shop

the señors of marseille


Technical Work

I am passionate about sustainable development and climate change

I have a Master's in Climate and Society from Columbia. For years, my professional efforts focused on climate science and sustainable urban development. I was forunate enough to help start a non-profit called Energy Liberty, focused on getting people green job training. I also worked with the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) up at Columbia and did small business sustainability consulting with the Lower East Side Ecology Center, in New York.

Even though I am not currently working in the field, I try to keep up with what's happening on my sustainability blog.

I love cool apps and simple, well-coded websites

I currently lead the Global Marketing Technology and Platforms team at NielsenIQ. What I like most about my job is that I am constantly challenged by problems that require creative, technical solutions.

Over the years, I've also built and managed a ton of websites on the side. These are a few of the companies/people/organizations I've worked with and built digital things for:


I like collaborating on meaningful, challenging projects

Over the years, I've worked with some amazingly smart and interesting people. If there's a project you're working on that you think I could help with, let me know! Or, if you've any thoughts or questions, I'd love to hear them.

🌀 🌀